Career Empowerment Videos

Positivity Helps Successful Women Recover from Set Backs

Resilience and positivity are essential to handling difficult scenarios in order turn failure into a teachable moment.

Systems and Organization Will Empower You for Success

Successful women use systems and organization to enable their productivity and efficiency.

Be a Lifelong Learner to Stimulate Your Intellectual Curiosity

Take advantage of books, webinars, coaches and mentors to continue learning throughout your life and career.

Fail, Recover, Learn and Move Forward Equals a Formula for Success

Learning from failure and identifying the teachable moments will lead to success in the future.

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“Your Working Life” Podcasts

Your Working Life with Melissa Greenwell

Melissa Greenwell authored, “Money on The Table: How to Increase Profits Through Gender-Balanced Leadership.”

Your Working Life with Zach Petit

Zachary Petit authored the book, “Treat Ideas Like Cats.”

Your Working Life with Mary Byers

Mary Byers authored, “Race for Relevance: Five Radical Changes for Associations” - she speaks and trains nationally for associations.

Your Working Life with Sabrina Liak and Dixie Klaibert

Sabrina Liak and Dixie Klaibert co-founded FINVOGUE helping women in the finance industry with savvy career and professional development wisdom.

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