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Caroline Dowd-Higgins: In the News2018-08-03T01:24:21-05:00

With a social media reach of 81 million, I write for the Huffington Post, America Online, CNN Money, the London based online magazine – The Rouse, and More Magazine, in addition to a column for The Chronicle newspaper in Indiana.

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Articles of Interest

6 Phases of Lifetime Career Engagement – The Rouse
Career needs change throughout your life. Learn how to navigate your professional trajectory based on your unique stage in life.

Finding Your Voice in an Interview – US News & World Report
Telling your story and proving your value-add is essential for interview success.

Is Finding Your Career Passion a Sham? – Huff Post LIVE
Do you work to live or live to work? Debating the merits of career passion in this heated discussion.

Six Ways to Deal with Criticism at Work – The Wall Street Journal
From performance reviews to off the cuff constructive criticism – learn how to handle feedback so you can thrive at work.

Five People You Need on Your Personal Board – The Glass Hammer
Successful people achieve their goals with the help of others. Learn how to assemble your professional posse.

This Is Not The Boss I Ordered – The
Sometimes it’s OK to fire your boss and move on to a new opportunity. Learn to navigate the question – should I stay or should I go?

Confidence Boosters for Reinventors –
Confidence is a key ingredient for success and satisfaction in any career. Learn some practical tips for achieving this often elusive trait.

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