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Design Your Career Destiny Signature Retreats

My Design Your Career Destiny retreat is a signature event that can be produced for an intimate group of 6 – or a larger group of 50+ participants. Choose from a half, or full day event, or an overnight retreat ripe for customized pampering. This workshop is designed to help you figure out what’s missing in your career and how to find it.

When women are enthusiastic about their work, they can achieve amazing things. This program will help you clarify your goals and re-ignite a passion for your career and your life.

Finally! Going for the ‘highest common denominator’ instead of the lowest will help women gain the skills and insights needed to achieve their literal and metaphorical corner offices. Well done, Caroline Dowd-Higgins.
Lois P. Frankel, Ph.D. author of Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office

You Deserve It!

More than just inspiration, this workshop provides you with a structured experience to put your goals into action.

  • Listen to your inner voice and gain an understanding of how your story has influenced your career choices. Then revise your story to create a mind-set of empowerment.
  • Walk away with a firm grasp of your values, interests, personality and strengths, and how these aspects of your individuality can be integrated into your work and life in order to be engaged and productive.
  • Learn specific strategies to increase effectiveness and how to realistically tackle work/life integration.
  • Develop a plan so you can design your unique goals and achievable action items to help you move forward.

Have fun in the process! Design Your Career Destiny promises to be a thoughtful and engaging experience you will enjoy with lasting benefits.

The Ultimate Women’s Retreat Experience

Great things happen when women come together in community. This workshop is a safe haven to discover, question, and develop your actionable plan that will lead you towards a happier life and career.

Through individual exercises, group reflection, real time coaching – mixed in with some great laughs, aha moments, and realizations – this workshop is a retreat you deserve to experience.

Join us and design your career and life destiny now. Retreats are held in a variety of national cities and can also be customized to suit your group’s needs in any location.

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