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Executive & Group Coaching

Caroline Dowd Higgins - Executive & Career Coach
Caroline Dowd-Higgins

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Optimize Your Strengths

Elite athletes have used coaches for decades to hone their competitive edge. You deserve to tap into this resource so you can take your leadership to a new level. My human-centered approach helps individuals set and achieve actionable goals that impact life and career. A confidential space with psychological safety allows you to discover, rethink, and confidently tackle challenges to overcome obstacles and renew your purpose and passion.

Return on Investment

Coaching is an investment in your leadership that yields significant outcomes.

  • Distinguish yourself as a promotable player
  • Navigate the increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) work environment
  • Improve focus and accountability to enable progress on the most important things
  • Future-proof your career with new approaches, techniques, and tools
  • Work together in more effective teams and have conversations that matter
  • Handle change in a fast-paced career world to hone resilience and adaptability

The CDH Coaching Team

With a desire to empower and energize people to achieve their personal goals, my coaching style is engaging, high energy, and positive with a focus on unlocking the self-advocate within you. As a certified LeaderShape Transpersonal Executive Coach, a Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder-Centered Executive Coach, and a Gallup Clifton Strengths Coach, I am also a member of the International Coaching Federation. I believe great things happen when you find your Mojo and work to keep it alive.

I have assembled an amazing team of experienced certified coaches who work with me to serve clients globally. Our team approach means you get personalized one-on-one sessions but also benefit from the collective knowledge and industry experience of the full CDH coaching team.

Executive Coaching

Individual executive coaching is a highly personalized approach that enables a leader to work with a trusted professional on the things that are most important to them. From mid-career professionals to first-time C-Suite executive leaders, Caroline helps clients navigate their unique journey to overcome challenges, optimize their communication skills, and perform as an impact player.

Group Coaching

Group coaching is a powerful and affordable way to improve the performance and skills of the leaders in your organization. Group coaching works with an entire team in regular sessions to address retention, engagement, leadership skills development, and talent alignment within the culture and context of your organization.

Contact Caroline to schedule a free and confidential discovery consultation.

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