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Caroline Dowd-Higgins: My Story

Caroline Dowd-Higgins
Caroline Dowd-Higgins

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Epic Career Change

I can truly relate to the concept of career reinvention because I’ve been there myself – more than once. I left the professional music world as an opera singer and tapped my transferable skills to build a career in the corporate and higher-education arenas working my way up to senior executive leadership roles. Careers are rarely linear, and I left working for an organization to create my own speaking, coaching, and consulting practice to honor my entrepreneurial spirit and make a bigger impact helping people.

Living My Passion

My greatest joy is helping a woman own her self-confidence, so she can walk taller and embrace her potential. I help women leaders optimize their strengths and hone their emotional intelligence to navigate the complex world-of-work. Savvy professionals tap resources to help them flourish and having an executive coach provides a safe space to tackle challenges and create solutions. The inner shift that happens when you give yourself permission to define success on your own terms is transformative and I help women activate their empowerment.

Let’s Do This!

The lessons I have learned about failing forward, taking risks, and identifying your WHY are actionable. I can help you shift your focus from the way things are to the way you want things to be. My 20+ years in industry leadership and private consulting have given me first-hand experience that will help you overcome obstacles and elevate your career to find meaning and purpose. You deserve to design your own career destiny, so it doesn’t happen by default.

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