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25 Habits Of A Successful Job Seeker

Many thanks to Victoria Vein for this guest blog post. She is a specialist at the Resume Writing Lab Company helping people with job […]

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Asking For Career Help When You Need It: 5 Empowering Tips

I meet lots of self-directed, self-possessed women who struggle with asking for help – especially when it comes to their careers. Many coaching clients and […]

2nd Edition of “This Is Not The Career I Ordered”

The 2nd edition of my book, “This Is Not The Career I Ordered” is available in print, Kindle and audio book (with me narrating!) on […]

It’s OK to Ask for Help in Your Career

Better to ask for help or clarification than to go rogue in your career. Nobody will fault you for asking a question.

Your Working Life with Luvleen Sidhu

Luvleen Sidhu is Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at BankMobile and discusses the benefits of digital banking.

Your Working Life with Wendy Wallbridge

Wendy Wallbridge authored “Spiraling Upward, the 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise.”

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Your Working Life Podcast - Caroline Dowd-Higgins