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Be a High Achiever Instead of a Workaholic

As a recovering workaholic, I have finally come to terms with the reality that workaholism is unhealthy and unsustainable. The tragic reality of workaholism is […]

Making the Most of Summer…Getting Clear With Your Career and Life Vision

You may be inspired to grab a surfboard or boogie board and ride the blue waves during these summer months, but you can also grab […]

Refresh Your Professional Brand to Reinvigorate Your Career

Dust off your professional brand to make sure it matches what you want your audience to know about you now

Tame a Tension Headache Naturally

Dab a drop of peppermint essential oil or tiger balm on each temple and breathe deeply to relieve a tension headache and get on with […]

Your Working Life with Maia Duerr

Maia Duerr talksabout how to create a career that expresses your life’s core intentions and a true calling.

Your Working Life with Kate Hayes

Kate Hayes talks about how volunteer experiences can enhance your life and career.

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