As a technology manager on Le Meilleur Avis, Jean–Philippe Belanger has access to various smartphones, PCs, Bluetooth devices, headphones and many other tech products. He reviews every aspect of these products including apps. To advance in one’s career, it is crucial to have the right help and what better way to get it than at the comfort of your smartphone every single day. Thank you for sharing this insightful post, Jean-Philippe!

Climbing the career ladder is a tough process. A lot of work has to be put into it, not to mention the emotional and mental pressure that is involved. However, this process is inevitable. Luckily, there are ways to build a career without getting overwhelmed. Here are the best apps to help grow your career:


Switch is the Tinder for jobs. This simple yet effective app helps you find jobs without the knowledge of your current employer. Here is how it works:

Swipe right when you come across a job posting you are interested in and left if you are not. Meanwhile, hiring managers are swiping as well. This app excludes your profile from companies on your resume, so you do not have to worry about anyone from your company seeing your profile. If you and a hiring manager swipe right, a conversation follows to ensure that it is a good fit.


  • Job seekers and hiring managers can find employment and employees respectively in a matter of minutes.
  • Switch ensures that people can find jobs discreetly.
  • Hiring managers can find people to fill future positions.
  • This app is easy to use.
  • Switch helps job seekers find out the nature of the job market..

This free app is available for Android and iOS.


If you are looking for a platform to network, LinkedIn is the app to have. Here are its features:

  • Create a professional profile on LinkedIn inclusive of your work experience, education background, skills, phone number, and website.
  • Get skill endorsements from your connections and endorse them as well.
  • Have conversations with like-minded people in forums or communities.
  • Find jobs through the search bar or by viewing jobs recommended for you by the app. You can also save jobs to view them later.
  • Learn new skills anytime anywhere and master new topics with LinkedIn Slideshare.
  • Read articles and posts shared by your connections.
  • Message your connections with ease.
  • Find out how many people have viewed your posts, articles, and profile.
  • Find individuals and companies with the search bar.
  • Follow influential people and companies of your interest.


  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Natural messaging.
  • Easy profile editing.
  • Excellent search bar with options for refining your search.


  • App bundling: to learn new skills or master new topics, you have to install LinkedIn Learning and Slideshare apps to your smartphone.

This app has a free basic version and a premium version that is available for Android and iOS.


SimplyHired is the ideal app for someone looking for career advancement options. Here is how it works:

This app pulls jobs from all over the web including social media and company websites providing users with a large pool selection of employment. The selection of jobs is updated constantly ensuring that each time you open the app, you will find new jobs.

You can apply for jobs instantly using the Simply Apply feature. This feature uses your LinkedIn profile and account details to save you time applying for a job.

When you find a job posting that you are interested in, you can save them for later viewing. This app also allows you to save your searches. The search feature allows you to use filter options such as your education, experience, company, date, and other relevant keywords.


  • A large pool of job postings that ensures you never miss a job opportunity.
  • Excellent search bar and filter options.
  • Option to save searches and jobs.
  • Option to apply for jobs fast and easy.


  • This app lack career resources such as advice on advancing your career opportunities.

SimplyHired is available for Android and iOS.


Research a company to your satisfaction through Glassdoor. This app is helpful in the advanced stage of looking for jobs. It provides you with the details of companies you would like to work for. Here is how it works:

Glassdoor gives you an insider’s perspective on the nature of working for a particular company at a certain job. Present and former employees discreetly rate and review companies they work/used to work for. These reviews touch on culture and values, compensation and benefits, career opportunities, work-life balance, and senior management.

This app also offers information on salary and compensation based on the pay of actual employees.

You can also find out from employees what the interview process entails. This information helps to prepare for the interview much easier.


  • Glassdoor is the only platform that provides such detailed company information.
  • Salary and compensation details allow new employees to negotiate salaries.
  • Helps potential employees prepare for interviews appropriately.


  • You will only access reviews and ratings for large well-established companies.
  • Limited job search options.
  • This app lacks career resources such as ways of improving resumes.

This app is available for Android and iOS.

Resume builder pro

Create and send excellent resumes immediately using Resume Builder Pro. Here is how it works:

Use templates to create a great resume with ease. Once you complete building it, you will receive your resume in PDF or RTF formats which you can print, send it to your Drop Box account or send it to your email. This app also uses your LinkedIn profile to create a resume for potential employers to see. Additionally, you can export your resume to MS Word on your PC for editing.


  • Simple to use.
  • Instantly helps you create a resume using a template as a guide.
  • This app provides high-quality RTF and PDF files.

This app is available for Android at about 4 dollars. iOS users can find this same app under the name Resume Maker Pro which goes for about 3 dollars.