Play At Work: Incorporating Fun On the Job

For many of us, work is often characterized as “serious,” “nose-to-the-grindstone,” “no-nonsense” and “down to business.”  There’s this idea that work is work and play is…well…for after work. In an INC column, Brendan Boyle, a partner at the design firm, IDEO, says play in the workplace has a “PR problem.” “Some think of play as [...]

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Avoid Workaholism and Get More Sleep

This guest post was contributed by William Loper, a freelance writer who loves to spend time researching new and exciting topics. On the weekend he enjoys a glass of wine and a non-fiction book. In today’s day and age, both young and mature people feel the need to work harder in order to feel they contribute [...]

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Job By Design: Forging Your Own Path

If you’re looking for more challenge in your job, and there doesn’t seem to be a promotion in the offing, you may be asking yourself, ‘What’s next?’ That’s how my coaching client (I’ll call her Dawn) was feeling when we first met. Dawn was a manager at a non-profit and felt like she’d gone as [...]

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