Single Task Your Way to a Better Life and Career

Multitasking used to be a sought after professional competency thought to be a valuable skill for the busy professional. Research tells us that singletasking is actually more effective and can result in higher productivity and time efficiency. I can envision the woman at work reading this blog while eating her lunch, checking her email, listening [...]

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Spring Cleaning: Letting Go With Gratitude

There’s something about fresh starts outside that inspire fresh starts inside. Sun shining, buds popping, and milder temperatures inspire us to open the windows to let the springtime air in, which can, in turn, inspire us to send the clutter out! Marie Kondo can certainly help in this regard. Kondo is the organizing wunderkind and [...]

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There is No Mind Reading in The Career World

Gone are the days when working hard was enough to earn recognition or a promotion in the career world. Take control of your career trajectory and design your unique path. In addition to mapping out your career future, be sure to tap the wisdom of those who can empower you to achieve your goals. Keeping [...]

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