Career Wisdom

Confidence on Tap – Part I

As a career consultant, I’ve coached many clients who’ve suffered from a debilitating lack of confidence, and my best advice – born from experience – is to take action.

Moving through my own career transition from opera singer to university director, and, additionally, to author, speaker and coach, has tested my confidence mettle, to say […]

Get Moving! 6 Tips to Help You Exercise at Work

Earlier this summer, CBS Sunday Morning did a story on a trend making a difference in offices across the country…instead of simply working at desks these days, employees are working out at their desks…on built-in treadmills. Since I’ve been doing my best to incorporate more exercise into my workday, and encouraging my coaching clients […]

How Fitbit Helped My Career

Everywhere I go, I’ve noticed that elevators are almost empty and stairwells are filled with people tracking their daily steps with wearable fitness devices. I’m a Fitbit user and I’m happy to report that this accountability device has improved my health and my career more than I ever imagined.

I check my mileage, my stairs […]

Stop the Busy-ness! Redefine Success on Your Terms

We all love to talk about how busy we are. It means we’re needed. It means we have places to go and people to see, and it also means we may well be running ourselves into the ground.

Blogger Guy Kawasaki went so far as to implore readers to ‘stop the glorification of busy’, and […]

Surround Yourself with Positive People To Boost Your Career

I have been getting some wonderful blog submissions from freelance writers who have career wisdom to share.  Sandra Mills is a freelance health and career writer. She likes helping people advance their careers and live healthier lives. I particularly enjoyed her piece below and I know you will as well. You can follow Sandra […]

Habits for Success: How To Work Smarter

I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing over 400 women from around the world about work and career for my book: ‘This Is Not The Career I Ordered’ and my forthcoming book: ‘Thrive Where You Are’.

Whether entrepreneurial in spirit or working in more corporate environments, many of the women I spoke with had similar ‘habits […]

Don’t Be a Vacation Loser

It’s vacation season and the time of year to step away from work to recharge and refresh. Sadly, many people don’t take all the vacation days they earn. Others who take vacation end up working during their time off which defeats the purpose entirely.

According to a Glassdoor survey, only 25% of employees with paid time […]

Assess Your Career VIPS: Getting to Know YOU

For many of us, asking the question ‘What do I want to be when I grow up’ doesn’t stop at age 22, or even at 42. While I have coaching clients right out of college who feel at sea because they’re unsure of their career direction, I also have clients who are looking to […]

Making the Most of Your Time

Many people ask me how I juggled a full-time job with a private career coaching practice and still managed to get a book published. I’d be remiss if I said it was easy, but I did learn some excellent strategies that are applicable to anyone struggling to get time on their side.  Here are […]

A Gossip-Free Workplace

Recently, a coaching client in middle management was expressing frustration about the noticeable increase of gossip in her office, and it brought to mind a New York Times article from a few years back that made quite an impression.

No Gossip Policy

In a NYT Preoccupations column, guest contributor, Shayla McKnight shared her experience working for […]