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The Art of Accepting a Compliment

Historically, women have been taught to be modest and not boastful. While there is nothing worse than an arrogant bragger, I am on a personal mission to help others embrace their humble confidence and own their strengths and accomplishments. In reality, there is nobody else in the professional world advocating on your behalf but you. […]

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5 Reasons to Consider a Career Change

Many people eventually realize that they’re stuck in a job that just isn’t right for them. Whether it’s because they’re not getting promoted, or they just aren’t getting paid enough to keep the lights on, at some point these people realize that something has to give. That usually serves as good indication that it’s time […]

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Create a Gig Economy Culture In an Organization to Attract and Retain Millennial Talent

During a recent Uber ride in Chicago my forty-something aged driver enthusiastically shared why he loves his contract work career. He creates his own hours, has total flexibility, and can control how he earns money based on how much he works. The “Gig Economy” represents those who make their living in a non-traditional way. They […]

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3 Advantages of Hiring a Bilingual Candidate

I’m pleased to share this guest blog from Vanessa Fardi, Team Leader US/CA/LATAM at NEUVOO.

Having bilingual employees in the workforce can only bring benefits to the company. Studies have shown that bilingual people are good at multitasking and have excellent communication skills. Any company looking to expand or to have global reach should consider bilingual […]

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A 2 Minute Attitude Adjustment

Admittedly, there are times when the stress at work makes you want to tear your hair out or at least close your door and scream in the privacy of your own work space. So, when life gets complicated at work and you need an attitude adjustment or a breather to re-create a positive frame of […]

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Do Your Best: Have No Regrets

The greatest satisfaction in my work comes from seeing others thrive in theirs. Whether it’s helping my clients, or you, dear reader, land the job, navigate the work culture, communicate professional skills, or begin the search for something new, I’m thrilled to be of service – helping you do your very best.

Doing your best is […]

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Are You a Multiplier or a Diminisher?

From academia to the non-profit arena, as well as the corporate world-of-work, I have had many clients who complained about bosses who were ineffective leaders. Were their leaders intelligent and talented people? Yes. But, were they able to lead a team, motivate others, and empower success in their colleagues? Not always!

I have come to believe […]

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Hop Off the Fence! The Power of Decision

When it comes to making important choices or taking risks, for many of us, it’s easier to make the decision not to make a decision.

I’ve certainly been there, done that…

I was ten years into my opera career…my dream profession…the career I’d spent half my life training for…when I started feeling that the life of an opera […]

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The Changing Landscape of Work

By Goodwill Industries International Vice President of Mission Advancement Jennifer Davis

It is on the news, in magazines and books and in workshop sessions at conferences. Everyone from the Federal Reserve to you and your colleagues are paying more attention to the changing landscape of work. Many of these thinkers and doers are responding to fears that […]

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Goodwill® Can Help You Jumpstart Your Career

Most people know Goodwill as the community place to bring used clothing and wares to be sold in stores and online. What you may not know is that Goodwill can also help boost your career.

The U.S. Department of Labor reports that unemployment is the lowest since March 1973, but many are still looking for work […]

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