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Is Working Remotely For You? 5 Questions To Help You Decide

Have you ever considered trading in your daily commute, travelling several miles from home, for a commute where you’re travelling several feet to the closest computer in your home?

More and more of my coaching clients are interested in exploring the option of working remotely, and according to an American Community Survey, there are 3.3 million […]

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Women Climbing to the Top in the Oil and Gas Industry

Many thanks to Miley Green for her insightful guest blog. Miley has investigated past and present gender biases across various fields of work. She is currently pursuing her Master’s degree, hoping to delve further into the world of feminism and discover new ways to help women succeed in male-dominated industries.

While men may dominate the oil […]

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Cool-Power Leadership: 4 Guidelines To Cultivate Yours

What do you value most in a leader? The 4th annual Ketchum Leadership Communication Monitor (KLCM) recently came out with some interesting findings that point to changing views about leadership around the globe.

An online survey went out to six thousand people in different parts of the world last spring – asking what they valued most […]

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It’s Time to Focus on Your Career Future

Summer vacations have ended and the kids are back in school so it’s a great time to prioritize your professional journey. According to a global LinkedIn study, September is one of the best months of the year to get promoted.

“Now is a great time to check your career plan, and make sure that you are […]

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How Microlearning Can Shrink The Skills Gap

Chloe Britton shared this guest blog post. She is the Brand Manager of training app Wranx – which provides continual training and assessment to help HR and learning and development professionals extend their training and communication strategies out of the classroom and office.

The skills gap between people and technology is growing all the time. But while […]

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25 Habits Of A Successful Job Seeker

Many thanks to Victoria Vein for this guest blog post. She is a specialist at the Resume Writing Lab Company helping people with job application documents.

No one is born successful. Every admirable individual has to spend years, if not decades, shaping his or her character and attaining personal objectives. However, when it comes to career […]

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Asking For Career Help When You Need It: 5 Empowering Tips

I meet lots of self-directed, self-possessed women who struggle with asking for help – especially when it comes to their careers. Many coaching clients and women I’ve met during workshops and speaking engagements have shared how difficult it’s been to reach out – a lot of them feeling that asking for help is akin to […]

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Company Loyalty: Does It Still Exist? 3 Tips To Help You Prepare For Change

An illuminating study, by Monster.Com, highlights employees’ changing attitudes around loyalty in the workplace…so I ask you…where do you fall on the job loyalty spectrum? Are you in your job for the long haul, or looking to make your next move?

According to the Monster research, being happy on the job is no longer a predictor […]

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We’re Stuck in a Success Crisis! And It’s Affecting Our Kids

Susan Ford Collins is a guest on my podcast show – Your Working Life. I am delighted to share her guest blog post about the success crisis.

Success and leadership have gears… and we’re not shifting them correctly! We’ve gotten stuck in “the more-better-faster, what-have-you-done-for-me-lately, too-busy-racing-around-to-enjoy-our-lives” gear. We’re over-fed, under-nourished, over-medicated, under-rested, and under-satisfied. Think of […]

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Leadership Lessons I Learned This Summer

I turned my participation at the National Speakers Association convention into a hybrid getaway. NSA was a transformative learning experience to help me grow my business and a wonderful way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and flavors of Washington, DC.

I knew I would glean great info about how to grow as a global public speaker and […]

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