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The Crucial Step of Following Up

I speak to so many people who honestly believe they are networking well by sending an email or leaving a single voicemail. When they don’t get a response, they abandon the contact. The follow-up is the most crucial part of building and maintaining any professional relationship. My first suggestion is to distinguish yourself by calling [...]

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Work-Health Balance: 7 Guideposts To Help Take Care of Yours

We talk a lot about work-life balance these days, but what about work-health balance? When we refer to our work, we often say we’re giving it our “all” or giving “one hundred and fifty percent.” These are admirable sentiments in theory, but what percentage of the pie of life are you reserving for yourself – [...]

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Organizations are Serious About The “No Jerks” Policy When Hiring

Over the last 15 years as a career & professional development consultant, I have worked with countless employers seeking ideal candidates to fill critical roles in their organizations. Regardless of the career field, recruiters and hiring managers agree that after the basic criteria of skills and experiences are met, candidates are accepted or eliminated based [...]

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Best/Worst Careers: 2016 Job Rankings’s 2016 Jobs Rated Report was recently published for the 28th consecutive year, and it’s fascinating to peruse the findings. The popular job search website gathered data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a division of the US Department of Labor, to rank jobs based on four core criteria: work environment (physical and emotional requirements); [...]

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The Good Ol’ Summer Time: Making The Most of It!

With the Fourth of July behind us, it seems like the days of summer are speeding by faster than ever, so here’s to making the most of them! Whether it’s enjoying a full-fledged getaway, a stay-cation, or turning weekends into mini-vacations or retreats, I hope you’ll have the opportunity to re-fresh and re-charge this summer. [...]

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Does a Higher Salary Require More Than 40 Hours a Week?

The Birth of the American 40-Hour Week The Monday through Friday workweek was first introduced in 1926 when Henry Ford began shutting down his automotive factories on Saturday and Sunday to allow his labor force to rest. But it was not until 1940, when a provision of the 1938 Fair Labor Standards Act mandating a [...]

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How Will You Engage With the Up and Coming Generation Z?

I'm so pleased to share this guest blog post from my IUAA colleague, Erin Bruce. She is a career coach and advocate for working moms who is also raising a Gen Z son so this new generation is especially close to her heart. They’re here! Generation Z, the iGeneration, Post-Millennials, Centennials, or Zees, are just a few of the names [...]

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The Art of Accepting a Compliment

Historically, women have been taught to be modest and not boastful. While there is nothing worse than an arrogant bragger, I am on a personal mission to help others embrace their humble confidence and own their strengths and accomplishments. In reality, there is nobody else in the professional world advocating on your behalf but you. [...]

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5 Reasons to Consider a Career Change

Many people eventually realize that they're stuck in a job that just isn't right for them. Whether it's because they're not getting promoted, or they just aren't getting paid enough to keep the lights on, at some point these people realize that something has to give. That usually serves as good indication that it's time [...]

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