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Honor Your Body in Life and Career

I recently listened to Arianna Huffington’s book, The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time, and it changed my life. I knew that sleep was essential for health and wellbeing but I felt caught up in the myth of how hard working and successful people must sacrifice their life for their career. [...]

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The Best Ways To Earn Money By Working From Home

This blog was contributed by Reanne Brian. The stay at home job market has boomed astronomically in recent years. What used to conjure up images of miserable looking people stuffing envelopes for hours on end is now a legitimate and lucrative option for many people. The popularity of the Internet for conducting business is one of [...]

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Create a Kinder Workplace

The workplace can be stressful enough without office politics, gossip, and malcontents. Tom Terez wrote a great piece about building a kinder workplace. We spend so many of our waking hours in our place of work, it only makes sense to create and foster a more civil environment. Here are a few of Tom’s great [...]

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These Women Abandoned Their Jobs And Became Tech Entrepreneurs

This blog was contributed by Reanne Brian. Entrepreneurship used to be something that was reserved for a few elites with the capital to pull it off. Now it’s something we can all enjoy, thanks to new innovations in technology and the marketplace. Technology has reduced the costs of communication across the board. We now have tablets, cloud-connected [...]

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Keep Feeding It!

The New Year is just around the corner, and if you’ve had a business idea brewing, consider making 2017 the year you take it to the next level and explore entrepreneurship. In my coaching practice, and during the course of my travels, I talk to lots of women interested in starting their own businesses. They [...]

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Breaking Free: How To Get Out Of A Job You Hate

This blog was contributed by Reanne Brian. Nobody wants to end up stuck in a rut. For many of us, the idea of toiling away every day at a job that we hate just to pay the bills sounds like a nightmare. That's what makes it so tragic that so many people end up doing just [...]

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Grit Defines Achievement in Your Career

Grit is defined as firmness of mind or spirit – an unyielding courage in the face of hardship. The career world is changing so fast that grit has also become a sought after competency for hiring and a necessity for entrepreneurs and innovators The emerging research indicates that grit can determine success or achievement far [...]

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The Four-Letter Word That Could Be Killing Your Career

Admittedly, I am a career development wonk and love sharing articles, blogs and videos that have empowered me with new information that will help me thrive in life and career The following blog was originally posted on the businessolver blog by Kelley Butler. It really gave me gave me pause to consider how I communicate [...]

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Be an Empowered Woman

I recently came across a social media post with 10 Ways to Be an Empowered Woman and I want to share this inspiring wisdom with you. Consider these simple and self-nurturing ways to be your own best advocate so you can pay-it-forward as a role model to others. Attain your educational goals: never stop learning [...]

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4 Telltale Signs You Keep Getting Drawn To Jobs That You Hate

This post was contributed by Beth Green. Are you one of those people that seem to end up going from one terrible job to another? You might even begin to develop a complex about this strange phenomenon! You might think that there is a simple reason why you get drawn to dead-end jobs or ones [...]

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