A story is told of Levi Strauss selling jeans to gold miners during the California gold rush, and Samuel Brannan selling wheelbarrows and mining tools during the boom. Those two made more money than the miners. The story has come to be known as ‘selling pickaxes during a gold rush.’ The underlying technique is one of the most powerful ways through which to take advantage of a boom in any industry. There are marketers making millions teaching Adwords and Facebook ads, as an adaptation of the pickaxes approach. Now, there are over 2 million sellers on Amazon. All these people need is to define their product with clarity in order to make sales.

The Importance of Well-Presented Descriptions

A customer is more likely to buy a product if he or she can touch it with his or her hands and experience it. Time magazine wrote about this phenomenon called the ‘endowment effect’ – Amazon sellers do not have that option. They, therefore, have to rely on the photographs, titles and product descriptions. These three make for a positive buying experience. If you can provide any of these services, you can make a career selling pickaxes to gold miners.

  1. Offering Graphic Design Services to Sellers Who Want to Differentiate Their Images

Kissmetrics says that adding photographs to an item in a menu can boost sales by more than 30%. Images are powerful marketing tools. The sellers on Amazon have to rely on photographs and short videos when presenting their products. Many of the sellers on Amazon are drop-shipping. That means they never interact with the merchandise they stock physically. They, as such, cannot photograph the actual merchandise. The only option they have is using the pictures from the manufacturer. When there are many sellers using the same images, there is no differentiation.

Graphic designers have the skills to make regular photos look a little different. They also can clean up the manufacturer’s images so that they look crisp and high quality. Graphic designers can help sellers to stand out.

  1. Writing product descriptions for sellers

Titles and descriptions need to be written by someone. If you can find successful Amazon sellers earning a passive income, you can be that person and make a career out of it. A busy Amazon seller will need someone to do the descriptions for him or her. Good descriptions need to have appropriate titles followed by a short description. A bullet point list containing the major features should come next. The items in the list should be links to the mega-description, which should be over 2,000 words long.

There is money in Amazon but it is not limited to selling. Careers can be crafted where a need is identified.

Jenny Holt is a freelance writer and mother of two who contributed this blog post. She loves nothing more than getting away from it and taking her pet Labrador Bruce for long walks, something she can do a lot more now she’s left the corporate world behind.”