5 Habits to Practice to Increase Your Productivity

5 Habits to Practice to Increase Your Productivity

Success is often measured by how productive we are. However, it can be difficult to prioritize tasks or manage our time wisely. The key to increasing productivity is to work smarter, not harder. Remember, it’s not the number of hours you work, but rather the quality of work you put in during those hours. Below are five habits to practice to maximize your productivity.

Organize tasks by priority

One of the most important habits of productive people is knowing the difference between an important task and an urgent task. While they may seem similar, an important task and an urgent task can be two completely different things. Rather than working on the tasks that matter, unproductive people will often get side-tracked by trivial tasks that waste time, or worse, procrastinate. If you find yourself struggling to stay focused on the task at hand, try creating a to-do list to organize and prioritize your tasks.

Be adaptable

Whether you like it or not, change will happen to you at some point in your life. While it can sometimes be difficult to deal with, change can also be one of the most rewarding notions in a person’s life. One of the best habits of productive people is the ability to adapt to change. This shows that not only have they embraced the change in winds, they’ve also sailed through them. The good thing about change is that it challenges you in a different way than you’re used to. It also prevents you from getting bored in your current role. When you’re faced with change, accept the reality and remain positive. A person will only succeed once they step into the playing field!

Dress for success

Did you know that the clothes you wear can affect both your physical and mental performance? Research suggests that something biological happens when we put on a stylish outfit and feel like a new person. In fact, studies show that wearing formal business attire increases abstract thinking, while wearing informal clothing can hurt when it comes to negotiating.

To increase your productivity, try to step up your professional attire. Make sure that your clothing follows your company’s dress code and culture. Invest in timeless pieces such as blazers, dress pants, skirts, professional dresses and tops. Shopping for a brand new wardrobe all at once can get expensive, so pick up a few pieces here and there to save money and stay within your budget. A great money saving alternative is to shop secondhand for gently used clothing. Online thrift stores, like thredUP, offer high-quality pieces from top brands. From blouses, dress pants, accessories, and shoes, you can build the work wardrobe of your dreams at a lower cost!

Reflect on mistakes

Let’s face it, we all make mistakes. Learning from them is what makes the difference. Rather than letting your mistakes get the best of you, it’s important to focus more on what you can do to learn and grow from them. This allows you to analyze how or where it went wrong and implement a process to fix the problem. When faced with a difficult challenge or criticism, analyze the situation, listen to helpful peers and coworkers, and learn from it.

Get a good night’s sleep

Missing out on 1 or 2 hours of sleep every now and then may not seem like a big deal. However, sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on your productivity. Getting a good night’s sleep helps to recharge your brain and improve your ability to stay on task. In fact, studies show that getting the required amount of rest your body needs every night allows you to make better, more well-informed decisions. Remember to take time away from your busy schedule to rest and strive for 7-9 hours of sleep each night!

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