The Importance of Receiving

With the holidays upon us, it’s fair to say we’ll probably be doing a lot more giving in the days and weeks to come – whether it’s giving parties, gifts, donations, side dishes, or our time. For women, in particular, giving tends to be our default… our wheelhouse. Many of us have no problem giving, [...]

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Screen Time Relief: 3 Tips To Detox

This holiday season, I hope you’ll consider giving yourself a rare and precious gift…I hope you’ll give yourself the gift of time away from your screens. More than ever before it feels like we’re staring at a screen the majority of our days – living in a virtual world that detaches us from others and, [...]

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It’s About the Journey – Part Two: 3 Tips For Embracing the Path

In last week’s post I shared the story of my career transition from Opera into the Professional Development work I do today. Making that change eighteen years ago was a huge challenge. My career journey all of the sudden took a turn into uncharted territory and I was shaken to the core, but also changed [...]

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More Than Getting There: It’s About the Journey – Part One

When it comes to career, there’s a lot of pressure in our culture to achieve our goals…to “make it”… to “get there” – yet each time we “get there”, there’s always a new “there” to get to. We reach a goal, and that brings us to ‘What’s next?’ – and then we’re off again – [...]

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Resume Tips for Career Changers

Writing a resume can be a challenge at the best of times, but when you plan to change careers, this task is even more daunting. If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of success, you must understand how to present yourself and you background in a favorable light. It’s important to find [...]

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