Forget Unrealistic Resolutions and Achieve Micro Goals Instead

Forget Unrealistic Resolutions and Achieve Micro Goals Instead

We all know that most New Year’s resolutions fall flat by the end of January. The goals tend to be too big and we lose focus and motivation to follow-through. Consider a micro goal that is realistic and achievable to reframe your resolution mindset and celebrate everyday wins.

Here are some ideas to get you jumpstarted from an article by LJ Kunkel that inspired me.

  1. Pick a wake-up time and stick with it – even on the weekend. You will sleep better at night and your body will respond with better productivity throughout the day.
  2. Embrace a mantra each morning. Repeat a word or phrase set your tone for the day. “Brave, Not Perfect.” “I’m Stronger Today.” “Let Worry Go.”
  3. Say “No” once a day. Flex your rejection muscle to honor and prioritize what you need. Give yourself permission to focus on yourself.
  4. Ask for help once a day. Create a positive cycle of giving and receiving.
  5. Date yourself weekly. Enjoy that Netflix movie or quiet time to read your favorite book. Make room in your life for what you enjoy.
  6. Get a daily dose of nature. If the weather outside is frightful, spend time near a plant indoors or channel nature by looking at photos of yourself in the outdoors.
  7. Create a monthly forgiveness routine. Let it go, whether it’s the accidental dent you made in the car bumper, or the tussle with a co-worker. Forgiveness brings on healing and catharsis.
  8. Make a 5-second decision daily. Liberate yourself from analysis paralysis and quite mulling things over. Be decisive and act quickly to train your brain to trust your ability to make a sound decision.
  9. Feed your creative side. Keep a journal, honor your inner doodler or sing harmony to the songs on the radio to honor your creativity.
  10. Savor a daily moment of silence. There is a lot of noise cluttering our lives. Take 60-seconds and enjoy a still session in silence to allow your brain to reboot and your inner Zen a chance to thrive.
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