Making the Most of Summer: Fill Your World With Art

Making the Most of Summer: Fill Your World With Art

Summer is a great time to take in anything arts-related, especially since so many events are held outdoors and are more easily accessible. Here are some easy ways to enjoy the arts before summer’s end:


Whether it’s taking in a concert in your hometown square, at the state fair, Ravinia, or Yankee Stadium – make it a point to go hear music at an outdoor venue. True heaven to me is sitting in a park with a picnic dinner, kicking off sandals, leaning back in the lawn chair and listening to live music under the stars. To find out about outdoor music venues in your area, check in with your local Chamber of Commerce, or the Chamber wherever you travel. Music combined with the great outdoors makes for magical summer experiences.

Art Fairs

I’ve found so many beloved jewelry pieces, photographs and paintings – as well as holiday and birthday gifts for friends and family at summer art fairs over the years. The beauty is it doesn’t matter whether you buy a thing. Just getting fresh air as you wander artists’ booths and admire their work is a spirit booster that can make your day.


Summertime brings opportunities to see some great theater. “Shakespeare In the Park” happens in New York City and Chicago, as well as in other cities and towns around the country. There are also great summer stock productions happening at vacation resorts and small towns outside the bigger cities. These repertory companies, organized for the summer season, attract both seasoned performers as well as student actors from top-notch performing arts programs. The easy access we all have to TV shows and movies through our devices makes seeing live theater all the more captivating and refreshing these days.

Before summer’s end, I hope you will make it a point to enrich your life with theater, music, dance, films, paintings, poetry – whatever expands your world and makes you think and feel more deeply. That’s the beauty and joy of art!

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