All Eyes are on You

I find it fascinating how many people don’t utilize the power of strong eye contact when communicating in-person these days. We have indeed become a technology driven work force but well used eye contact is still imperative and separates us from the electronic gadgets by putting a human touch on our communication that will […]

Make a Positive Impression as the Newbie at Work

When you start a new job it’s important to establish a positive first impression with colleagues. The adjustment period will vary depending on the person and the organization but the attitude you exude at the start will set your tone in the office culture for a very long time. Here are some great tips […]

Ramp Up Your Self Confidence

One of the biggest hurdles I see with job seekers and even many employed professionals is that they lack self confidence. While some people have abundant self confidence in their genes, others need to cultivate it and this all starts with positive self affirmation.

It’s easy to criticize and beat yourself up for your weaknesses […]

Please Don’t Talk Like You Text

I’m fascinated by technology and how it has changed the way we communicate. With my day job on a college campus, I marvel at the students who walk out of class either talking on the phone or texting as they move towards their new destination. Texting while walking may soon become as dangerous as […]

Interviewing Tips – The Goldman Way

Goldman Sachs has long been a coveted company to work at for those on the corporate finance career track. They have their recruitment process down to a science and even share the secrets to successful interviews with prospective hires in a video on their website.

Vivia Chen recently wrote an article that tells hungry Goldman […]

If I Can Tweet – So Can You!

I’ll be the first to admit I was skeptical about using Twitter to promote my book and career consulting business but now I am hooked. Social Media is a very efficient way to get your message out to the masses, expand your horizons, and build your network. The biggest perk is that it’s free […]

Establish a Gossip Free Workplace

I read a fascinating New York Times article by Shayla McKnight who shared a story about her job interview with an online printing company based in Livingston, Montana and the Human Resources Manager who was clear about the no-gossip policy and no office politics rule before she was even hired. While McKnight thought the […]

The Ultimate Personal Branding Resource

I had a great conversation with Dan Schawbel who authored Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future (Kaplan Publishing). Dan was named by Inc Magazine as one of America’s Coolest 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs. At 27, he is a sought after internet guru who helps businesses and individuals with creative branding solutions.

With 91,000 […]

Speak Up for Yourself!

In the business culture of 2010 it’s still widespread for the gender roles to be strongly defined with (often supported) male aggressive behavior and female deferent behavior. Ladies, I urge you to take more control of your professional persona and speak up at work!

According to Dr. Linda Tillman, a licensed Clinical Psychologist and founder […]

Engage All Learning Styles When You Present

One of my great professional joys is communication coaching. I find it incredibly rewarding when I have a breakthrough with a client or student who gains empowering self confidence when they feel positively about how they deliver a presentation or succeed in an interview.

Public speaking can be terrifying for many. In addition to learning […]