Making the Most of Summer…Getting Clear With Your Career and Life Vision

Making the Most of Summer…Getting Clear With Your Career and Life Vision

You may be inspired to grab a surfboard or boogie board and ride the blue waves during these summer months, but you can also grab a board of a different kind – a board where you can surf the creative waves of your imagination and get clearer on your dreams and goals. Consider targeting some balmy days ahead to create your own vision board.

A vision board is a collage representing the things you’d like to attract into your life. It harnesses the Law of Attraction – the “believe it and you’ll see it”/”like attracts like” energy that can help bring goals into reality.  All you need to get started is a piece of poster board, a pile of magazines, a pair of scissors and a glue stick.

Submerge yourself in the vision-boarding process and you have full license to throw off the shackles of any “shoulds” and think only about what you truly want to bring into your life. It helped me immensely when I was transitioning from a performance career in Music into Professional Development, and it can help you too – whatever your goal. Placing pictures that illustrated my hopes and dreams on my vision board was like planting seeds. Displaying the board prominently so I could see it on a regular basis was like watering those seeds…and, with action on my part, they ultimately grew into the new career and life I had envisioned

If you’re determined to get to Australia, find a picture of the Sydney Opera House in a magazine or online and include it on your board. New car? Make sure your model of choice is part of the mix. Career change? Find words and pictures that support and help define the work that’s tailor-made for you. Be as specific as possible! It also helps to capture images/ words that represent how you’ll feel when these dreams actually come to pass. If you can take it a step further, it’s even more powerful to feel the feelings of the joy and positive energy that you’ll be feeling in this new life – both, while you’re creating your board, and each time you look at it thereafter. This supercharges your visual affirmations.

You can have one central theme for your vision board, or include multiple goals – however you want to create it. In addition to the collection of inspiring words and pictures, you can add actual photographs, postcards and other bits of whimsy such as glitter or seashells…whatever speaks to you and your dreams.

I realize some may be skeptical about sticking pictures on a board and seeing dreams come true as a result, but I encourage you to try it just the same. It’s a fun, even meditative exercise where there’s absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. At the very least, the exercise can help clarify your desires and sharpen your focus. That powerful force of focus and desire plus action is what brings dreams into reality. I guarantee this exercise will get your wheels turning and new ideas bubbling up!

You can jump into vision-boarding on your own, or you may feel moved to host a vision-board-ing party  – inviting friends to gather on your patio or around your kitchen table to visualize and support each others goals and dreams.

For so many of us, fall can be a time of fresh beginnings. I encourage you to make the most of these summer months leading into fall by creating a vision board that inspires you to follow your dreams… that helps lay the groundwork for the fresh starts and new adventures that lie ahead!

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